Simplify Your Returns with Our Automated Disposal Service: The Basic Plan

Automated Disposal for international sellers facing exhorbanant re-imporation costs associated with returned goods.

Disposal Service

Welcome to American eBox’s Basic Plan, a tailored returns management solution designed for international merchants seeking a simplified, cost-effective, and highly efficient system for handling U.S. returns. Our automated services are perfect for merchants in countries where customs restrictions and high import duties complicate the re-importation of returned goods.

  • Generate Return Labels: A hassle-free system to create and print return labels instantly.
  • Warehouse Receipts: Transparency from the get-go with instant digital warehouse receipts.
  • Return Inspections: Comprehensive checks on returned items so you can make informed decisions.
  • Automated Disposal: Streamlined and eco-friendly disposal of items.

Unmatched Efficiency in Returns Management

Bypass Hefty Re-importation Costs

For merchants from countries like China and India, the high cost of re-importing returned goods due to duties and taxes is a major concern. Our Basic Plan offers an automated disposal service that eliminates these costs, allowing you to focus on your core business functions.

Cost-Efficiency for Low-Value Items

Not all returns are worth the shipping and handling costs of re-importation. Our automated disposal system is a particularly cost-effective solution for low-value items, cutting your losses and improving your bottom line.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Automated disposal speeds up the process of returns management, allowing you to resolve customer issues faster. A quicker, smoother returns process enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, crucial factors in today’s competitive marketplace.

Advanced Web Portal:

Download or Print Labels: Generate return labels effortlessly through our user-friendly web portal.
Shipment History: Keep track of all your past transactions and returns in real-time.
Insightful Reporting: Analyze trends in your returns through our detailed reporting capabilities.

INTERNATIONAL MERCHANTS - Automated disposal service

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Revolutionize your returns management with our Basic Plan. Efficient, transparent, and cost-effective, it’s the ideal choice for international merchants looking to simplify their returns while saving both time and money.

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