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Whether shipping your e-commerce purchase internationally or managing a complete logistics operation from a foreign country, American eLogistics is the solution partner for all your local USA logistics needs.

Learn how American eLogistics makes cross-border shIpping, FBA Prep & Returns, and ecommerce logistics easier.


Merchants around the globe are finding that a partnership with eLogistics extends to returns management, distribution in addition to import export freight forwarding.


As a top-rated Amazon Solution Partner, turn-key solution for your Amazon International Returns: consolidation &economy shipping by air or sea. Register today and create removal order.


We are an Amazon Solution partner for inbound logistics as well. We provide Amazon FBA Inspections and Prep. Our services include labeling, bubble wrapping, poly bags, and all necessary FBA Prep.


International shoppers are delighted by the consolidated international shipping to over 220 countries worldwide. Go to Shop and Ship to learn more.

E-commerce Logistics: Next Generation Logistics

American eLogistics e-commerce logistics services offer international merchants peace of mind. Our LEAN logistics approach help clients scale American business through our full spectrum of services.

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We offer flexible on-demand warehousing without the constraints of contracts. Our on-demand warehousing gives you the space you need, when you need it. Our distribution service helps merchants sending bulk inventory for storage and cross-docked to distribution centers or retailers. Of course we also offer product prep services to get your product ready for retail, for example: bubble wrapping, bundling, kitting, labeling, and more.


Amazon Prep Service

AMAZON FBA PREP: Inspections, Labeling, Storage

You've done the market research and know that your product is going to make a big splash on Amazon. You've found your supplier, but need to get your product prepped with labels, bubble wrap, and kitted before sending it to Amazon's distribution centers. You need an Amazon FBA Inspection, Prep & Storage solution partner. Don't worry we have you covered. We'll receive it in the USA, prep it, and send it to FBA for you.
Amazon FBA Import

AMAZON FBA RETURNS: Amazon International Returns

Now that you have had some success on Amazon its time to get ready for your returns. They are a sign of good things and don't be afraid of them. Studies show that a return policy in line with Amazon's will deliver higher sales results. Part of your preparation is to have a solution partner ready to receive them, and consolidate them into cost-effective international shipments on your behalf. When it comes to Amazon International Returns, we are a solution partner you can count on to provide the highest level of service to ensure a successful USA logistics operation.

Amazon International Returns


Do you need an freight forward to ship your Amazon shipments from a foreign market? Our freight forwarding services are the perfect solution for international businesses in need of a freight forwarding solutions that merge with our Amazon 3PL services.
Amazon FBA Import

Shop & Ship with American eLogistics

Shoppers around the globe are looking for an easy way to shop from US retailers like Amazon, Walmart and so many others. Our Shop & Ship service is designed to help international shoppers with their cross-border purchases and easily combine multiple purchases into a single shipment.
Amazon International Returns

Wait - Do you need a Business Solution for your international ecommerce returns?

You are in the right place! When people buy your merchandise they expect an easy return process if the items received are damaged or are unneeded. Providing customers a USA based local returns address shields customers from the frustration felt when shipping internationally. Let's face it, for most people shipping internationally is a significant challenge. Consider the customs documentation, standing in line wasting time, and exorbitant cost. Give them a simple solution... a local return address. International e-commerce returns has never been easier!

Doing so will build consumer confidence which is elemental to success selling online and critical to success. Build consumer confidence and drive your sales success with the implementation of consumer focused return policy.


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Are you an Expat living abroad? Are you living outside the USA and want to buy items from Top USA merchants and retailers? American eLogistics is the ultimate solution to provide you piece of mind and security. When you become a member, you'll be given an American eLogistics address unique to you. With your unique address, you can have mail and purchases sent to our distribution center where we store them until you give us instructions to forward them to you. Its really simple.




American eLogistics is a premier international freight forwarding and logistics company that has served global clients for more than a decade. Our values – integrity, trust, honesty – are at the center of everything we do. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service while streamlining our clients’ shipping processes and maximizing their cost savings. We strive to make every shipment seamless and efficient by providing logistical solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the industry by optimizing market trends, leveraging innovative technology, and remaining true to our core principles: quality delivery with timely services that exceed expectations.

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