Return Goods Fulfillment

Returns are a big part of online sales, but for international merchants they are a huge problem. Not anymore!

into New Opportunities

Unlock Seamless Returns and Fulfillment with American e-Logistics

At American e-Logistics, we turn every return into a win-win opportunity. Our streamlined reverse logistics process ensures that returned items are quickly inspected, repackaged, and ready for resale, minimizing waste and maximizing your profits. By handling your returns efficiently, we help you maintain customer satisfaction and keep your inventory moving.

Experience the perfect blend of precision and speed with our expert team, dedicated to providing top-notch logistics solutions tailored to your needs. Let us transform your returns into a seamless process that fuels your business growth.

Unlock the possibilities and drive new revenues.

Transform Returns into

  • Eliminate Expensive Exports: Handle returns within the USA to avoid high international shipping expenses. Our service inspects, preps, and resells products from our US warehouse, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. This efficient process offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional international returns.
  • Faster revenue recovery: Speed up the process of getting returned products back into the market. By managing returns domestically, we eliminate international shipping delays, ensuring items are ready for resale swiftly. This rapid turnaround helps you recover revenue faster and maintain a steady cash flow.
  • Improve CASH FLOW: Enhance Financial Health with Efficient Management Improve cash flow by reducing costs and speeding up the resale process. Our service frees up capital tied in lengthy return cycles, allowing for quicker reinvestment in your business. With better cash flow, you can manage expenses effectively and support growth initiatives.
D2C Fulfillment Rate Card


/ Monthly Subscription

Designed for Amazon and Omni-channel merchants in need of fulfillment services of returned goods.

Typical Fulfillment Charges

The Bold rates are typical fulfillment rates: $8.45

* The rates listed above as well in the calculation are subject to change. The calculated rate is provided to provide merchants a baseline for processing FBM or other “Returned Goods” fulfillment orders.

But wait, there is more...

Your D2C Fulfillment Subscription gives you privileged access to reverse logistics features that will surely provide a full stack of resources for the most seasoned merchants. 



$35 / Monthly Subscription (Included with D2C Mermbership)

Designed for international merchants that require a local service provider and simplified solutions and the lowest cost.

That's not all...

Your D2C account gives you access to our warehouse, personnel, Warehouse Management System, Freight Forwarding, and much more.

Standard Warehouse Rate Card


$50.00 / Membership Dues (Included with D2C Mermbership)

Designed for Amazon merchants in need of prep services prior to entry or reentry into Amazon FBA or other Fulfillment Facilities.

Stay Ahead with Compliance and Customer Satisfaction

With Amazon’s policy requiring international merchants to provide a U.S. address for returns, we serve as your trusted partner. Our meticulous process ensures you meet all compliance needs, thereby protecting your seller rating and improving customer satisfaction.

Need an INTERNATIONAL International Returns Address?

Subscribe Now Starting at Just $35/Month

Whether you’re a burgeoning business or a large enterprise, our Amazon International Returns Service has a tailored solution to meet your unique needs. Choose the plan that best fits your business and say goodbye to the complexities of international returns management.

Join us today and elevate your Amazon business to new heights!

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