Amazon Removal Order Service: Export Amazon Removal Order's

Simplify Amazon Removal Order’s with American eLogistics. 

Consolidation & Export Service

Amazon Removal Order Managment: Simplifying Returns for Global Sellers
Welcome to American eLogistic’ Amazon International Returns Service, the ultimate solution designed to help international Amazon merchants effortlessly manage removal orders from U.S. fulfillment centers to foreign delivery points. We have engineered a simple, cost-effective, and incredibly efficient solution for Amazon Removal Orders that must be exported.

Why Choose Us?

WMS Fee Waived: Take comfort in knowing that you will have access to our Tier 1 warehouse management system through your dedicated portal to manage the cargo.
Up to 80% Shipping Discounts: We over ocean freight for larger bulk cargo and discounted courier services via DHL and UPS for delivery to most destinations worldwide.
How does it work?: Removal orders are created and cargo sent directly to AEL. We receive, repack, and consolidate the merchandize to optimize volume and cut costs even further.
Invoicing & Payment: Upon completion of the Amazon Removal Order and after completing the consolidation, we issue an invoice allowing payment via ACH bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. Bank wires are permitted as well, just ask for the bank details.

Your Strategic Partner in Returns Management

Seamless Experience, Every Time
Our secure web portal simplifies the entire returns process. Generate return shipping labels for your U.S. customers, have them shipped to American eLogistics, and watch as the items are automatically registered to your account. Enjoy complete transparency with live updates, inventory tracking, and detailed inspection reports.

Removal Order Pricing

Consolidation Service:

Process Flow: Removal Order Guide

Register for American eLogistics Service
Get unique address for removal order delivery 25%
Create FBA Removal Order
Merchandise is sent to AEL 50%
Removal Order Received by AEL
Merchandise recorded to warehouse managment system 75%
Cargo Sent to Merchant
Merchandise repacked, consolidated & sent to merchant 100%

Next level logistics for growing international merchants

Whether you’re a burgeoning business or a large enterprise, our Amazon Logistics Service has a tailored solution to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to discuss a solution that best fits your business and say goodbye to the complexities of international logistics management.

Join us today and elevate your Amazon business to new heights!

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