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DENMARK Resource Guide
Everything you need to know to begin shipping from USA to DENMARK. Setting up a USA Forwarding Address has never been easier. American eBox makes it simple to forward mail and packages to those living abroad.

Quick Facts

Capital City: Copenhagen
Neighboring Denmark: Germany, Sweden
Main languages: Danish
Time: GMT+2
Shipping to Denmark


The de minimus value in Denmark is the declared value below which duty and tax won’t apply to your shipment. If the total declared value of what you import is LESS than this amount, then duty and tax do not apply (note that certain products may be subject to other types of fees or taxes).

*excluding alcohol and tobacco where duty/tax apply


Average transit times from American eBox to DENMARK:
All shipping originates at the American eBox facility in Miami, Florida, USA. Our streamlined order processing ensures a quick response to your shipping request along with expedited shipping for exceptional delivery times.


To ensure a smarter shopping experience, avoid merchandise that might face import restrictions. Refer to the links below, in addition to the items not permitted for export from the US for effective policies on problem merchandise.

UPS export restrictions for DENMARK

We’re here every step of the way to guide you through the process.


I want to thank you for making this such an easy process. Initially, I was a little skeptical about shopping and shipping through your service, but when I was notified the moment it arrived your facility and given pictures of the purse and shoes I bought, then again when it was shipped, I was really happy. What was even more surprising is how quickly it arrived to my home in Chennai. A+++++ Service.

Nazreen – INDIA

We have the tools to help you! Shop form DENMARK and Save with USA stores:

Where should I shop?

Find the best US Stores for the products you want using our:
Top US Stores: A list of the best US Stores for international customers.

How to save money on the products I buy?

Do you need help ordering from US Stores?

How to save money on the customer returns?

Consolidation is key to saving on customer returns. Every merchant selling cross-border is looking at the cost average along the entire supply-chain which includes cost of goods sold, transportation & distribution as well as the cost of return management. Critical to reducing the return cost is to bundle numerous products into a consolidation that has been assembled in a way to minimize excess space and weight for the most cost effective packing. Once this is accomplished the mode of transport is identified and could be courier, air freight, ocean freight, rail, LTL over the road, or a combination of any of these transportation methods.
When it comes to understanding international returns, there is no other company that understands your business like we do!

We can offer you and your team a complete logistics solution and gives you coverage from coast to coast.

With facilities and warehouses in Miami and Los Angeles, we can provide a transcontinental solution.

We solve logistics problems.

Inbound to Amazon Fulfillment Center

• Approved Amazon third party solution partner for FBA Prep and Storage help.
• Get help preparing your FBA products including labeling, polybagging, quality check, bundling, etc.
• Make some of your eligible products available for sale in other countries simply by signing up for FBA export.
Merchant Fulfilled orders – International returns 
• Receive and process returned orders from USA with the help of SPN approved partner.
FBA Removal Orders – Repackaging, Relabeling & International Returns Shipping
• Utilize your American eBox account for complete management of returns and removal order repackaging & relabeling.

Its Never Been Easier to Ship to DENMARK

Are you an Expat living abroad? Are you living outside the USA and want to buy items from Top USA merchants and retailers? American eBox is the ultimate solution to provide you piece of mind and security. When you become a member, you’ll be given an American eBox address unique to you. With your unique address, you can have mail sent to our warehouse and distribution center along with any other purchases you may have bought. We store those items for you until you give us instructions to forward and ship your mail and/or packages to you. Its really simple.
Are you an international customer who wants to get the incredible deals only available from USA retailers like Amazon, Ebay,, and the countless other merchants. Well, we are your solution. Many retailers don’t ship internationally, but with your personalized and unique American eBox address, merchants will ship your newly purchased items to our secure and state of the art distribution center where we scan incoming packages to notify you of its arrival. Next we photograph your newly purchased goods and load the photos into your account. When you are ready, you simply login to your account and tell us to ship your items, and “POOF.” Your items are on their way!




American eLogistics is a premier international freight forwarding and logistics company that has served global clients for more than a decade. Our values – integrity, trust, honesty – are at the center of everything we do. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service while streamlining our clients’ shipping processes and maximizing their cost savings. We strive to make every shipment seamless and efficient by providing logistical solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the industry by optimizing market trends, leveraging innovative technology, and remaining true to our core principles: quality delivery with timely services that exceed expectations.

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