Amazon removal order managed by a Trusted Local Amazon Solution Partner

International E-commerce returns, Amazon removal order, Repackaging,... we have the flexibility for most projects.
1. Register for USA Address
Sign up with our easy online registration form and instantly get your own American Returns Address for all ecommerce returns. SIGN UP >
2. Send returns & removal orders
Whether Amazon removal orders or consumer returns, the next step is to have them shipped to your USA address
3. Scanned into account
Create the removal order, or have your customers sent us the returns. When it arrives, everything is scanned into your eBox account for easy management.
4. Time to ship
When you are ready to ship, just login to your dashboard, select the merchandise to shipped, and click ship. Its that simple!
Trusted Amazon Solution Partner for Local Logistics Services
Amazon’s customer base is enormous and continues to grow with more than 150 Million monthly visitors in the USA alone.
In Canada, their growth has quickly outpaced all other e-commerce sites and accounts for more than 7% of all online sales.
If you are selling in America and Canada, we have a highly cost-effective, and trusted solution for your removal order management.
Amazon International Returns

How it works?

Removal Order Service: Step-by-Step

Amazon International Returns

1. Register for USA Removal Order Address

If you are already selling with FBA, you will need a USA address for your returns. Register for a FREE American eBox USA Returns Address.

Similarly, if you are selling on any other marketplace or your website, the first step is to Register for your FREE American eBox USA Returns Address.

Amazon International Returns

2. Send your removal orders

Sending your returns and overstock to us is easy. Login to your FBA inventory, select the goods to be removed, and then provide your UNIQUE USA RETURNS ADDRESS. Amazon will then send us your inventory.
If selling FBM (fulfilled by merchant), just update your Returns Address within Seller Central, and when returns are approved, the consumers will be automatically given your USA Returns Address and instructions.

Amazon International Returns

3. Inventory received & scanned into eBox account

After creating the removal order, or approving the consumer return, the carrier will transport it to our facility. This can take a few days, depending on where the inventory is shipped from. When it arrives, we scan everything into your eBox account for easy management.
As each package is scanned into your account, an alert is automatically sent to you with a warehouse receipt to notify you of the shipment received.

Amazon International Returns

4. Time to ship

When you are ready to ship your returned inventory, simply login to your account dashboard, select the inventory and click ship. This will send instructions to our warehouse to begin your consolidation. When the consolidation is complete, we will issue an invoice for shipping and warehouse fees. Inventory is consolidated and shipped with door to door tracking, worldwide.


Are you complying with Amazon's new International Returns Policy? Are you interested in creating a faster, smoother, and more efficient process that rewards your customer with a faster response and resolution? Get started today.
Amazon International Returns


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