American eBox is an approved Amazon Service Partner for: Import, Preparation, Labeling, Storage, Distribution, & Returns Management

American eBox provides logistics services such as inbound logistics, fulfillment, consolidation, Amazon FBA prep, storage, and returns management solutions to a global clientele of ecommerce manufactures, retailers, suppliers from over 220 countries worldwide.

American eBox - Your trusted local provider to help you sell globally.
When you need Amazon logistics solutions for your business, American eBox is here to help.
We can offer a complete end-to-end solution for all your freight forwarding and warehousing needs. We are and asset based logistics company, which allows us to control the quality of service given to each and every customer.
Our hands-on services and strategic solutions are extensive and customized to meet your every need. So whether it is a competitive rate for an urgent shipment or a strategic partner who can identify and create short-term inefficiencies and build up long-term competitiveness you are looking for, our team of logistics professionals are ready to help.
Whether Freight transportation, warehousing, Returns Management, Amazon Prep, Amazon FBA Storage, Amazon FBA Removal Orders, Fulfillment, or e-commerce wholesale distribution – optimizing your global logistics is our business.
Amazon FBA Import

Import Services to Amazon

American eBox is an Amazon 3PL solution provider managing the import process for global sellers. We assist foreign importer business registration, customs clearance, ocean & air transportation, warehousing and distribution services. Our 3PL services are designed to handle all aspects of your Amazon business.
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Amazon FBM Fulfillment


American Ebox provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for managing eCommerce distribution. Our streamlined approach ensures fast and efficient delivery of your US production. Get started today!
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Amazon FBA Inspection

Amazon FBA Inspection

When importing FBA inventory into the market, it is advised to perform basic quality control measures after the goods have been imported to verify damaged goods during transport, and identify manufacturing errors that might impact sales and create negative reviews.
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Amazon Removal Order Repackaging and Relabeling

Amazon Removal Order

International Sellers face real challenges when managing overstock & returns, and we listened. That is why we have a world-class and prized solution to repackage, relabel and rework Amazon Removal Orders.
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Amazon FBA Import

Amazon FBA Preparation

Whether goods arrive from abroad or domestically, we receive by the container, pallet or parcel and fully prep the inventory for Amazon fulfillment. That includes labeling, placing product in polybags, bubble wrap, kitting, building shipments, as well as custom projects.
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Amazon International Returns

International Returns Management

AEL is a recognized leader of Amazon International Returns and we have managed returns for 1000's of international merchants and 100,000's of cartons worldwide by Land, Air and Sea.
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Amazon FBA 3PL Logistics Solutions

Supply-Chain excellence means efficient streamlined processes reducing delay and ensuring accurate targeted delivery whether ocean, air, land, express, expedited, or fulfilled. American eBox has you covered.




American eLogistics is a premier international freight forwarding and logistics company that has served global clients for more than a decade. Our values – integrity, trust, honesty – are at the center of everything we do. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service while streamlining our clients’ shipping processes and maximizing their cost savings. We strive to make every shipment seamless and efficient by providing logistical solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the industry by optimizing market trends, leveraging innovative technology, and remaining true to our core principles: quality delivery with timely services that exceed expectations.

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